Reference List

Reference List to 2015.

N. Subject of the agreement Purchaser of the works
1. Access roads to the boreholes Sk-1 in Srpski krstur NIS AD Novi Sad
2. Access roads to the boreholes ELJ-1 in Elemir NIS AD Novi Sad
3. Access roads to the boreholes MESP-2a and MESP-3b in Melenci NIS AD Novi Sad
4. Construction site and access road Kv-101 NIS AD Novi Sad
5. Works on organization of parking space Dunis in Futog Dunis doo Futog
6. Work on the construction of silo-transhipment complex within the business park of Lafarge BFC in Beočin LaFarge Beočinska Fabrika Cementa
7. Construction of facilities IDEA in Bačka Palanka Chemmax d.o.o.
8. Works on construction of traffic areas of Europe Boulevard from Rumenačka road to the highway E-75 Phase II  JP ZIG Novi Sad
9. Works on construction of the access road to the city landfill in Zrenjanin JKP Čistoća i Zelenilo Zrenjanin
10. Construction of roads, concrete floors, plumbing and mechanical installations within the processing plant for corn seed-KWS Petkus Balkan d.o.o. Bagljaš 
11. Reconstruction of pavement in Novosadska street and construction of pavement in Ešikovačka street in Sremski Karlovci OPŠTINA SREMSKI KARLOVCI

Earthworks on the building of the factory memory foam in Ruma

Everrest production
13. Construction of the road from the village Gložan to the embankment on the Danube "BFC LAFARGE" Beočin
14. Construction of water projects - water supply network and sewage pipe in Sremski Karlovci OPŠTINA SREMSKI KARLOVCI
15. Cleaning the navigable part of the canal in LBFC "BFC LAFARGE" Beočin
16. Construction of the access road to the CS "War Island" JKP "PUT"- Novi Sad
17. Reconstruction of carriageway, parking lots and sidewalks in the street Kraljević Marko, from street Kralj Petar I to Žitni trg in Novi Sad JP "ZIG"- Novi Sad
18. The construction of internal roads in the factory AB prefabricated elements in the industrial zone in Indjija MARTINI GRADNJA
19. Construction of traffic areas in a block east of the Novi Sad-Zrenjanin, south of Kać loops in Novi Sad JP "ZIG"- Novi Sad
20. Demolition started construction - of reinforced concrete frame construction floors: ground floor and two floors on one side (P + 2) and the ground floor and four floors on the other side (L + 4) plot no. 6900/61; SC Novi Sad, on the corner of the Novi Sad Fair and the Boulevard of Liberation "ALEKSANDAR GRADNJA" DOO Novi Sad

Construction of roads and exterior regulation

Studio Structura
22. Construction of traffic areas and water supply system in the streets of Vardar and Tihomir Ostojić in Novi Sad JP ZIG Novi Sad
23. Execution of works in the field of water management, Tamiš levees of Sečanj to the state borderright bank of the km 96 + 700 to 103 + 600 KONZORCIJUM "BAČKA" DTD –
24. Execution of works for the construction of access roads to the bridge "Beska" (north side) as part of the construction work on the highway M-22 (E-75), Novi Sad and Belgrade, LOT 5 "ALPINE"- Beograd
25. Execution of works in the factory Koteks Viscofan in Novi Sad "ENERGO MAK SYSTEM"
26. Remediation of garbage dump in Zrenjanin GRAD ZRENJANIN
27. Works on the construction of the rendering plant in Indjija "ENERGO-ZELENA"
28. Excavation, loading, transport and planning overburden in mines "Slatina" and "Boj Brdo "BFC LAFARGE" Beočin
29. Reconstruction of the street Branko Bajića JP "ZIG"- Novi Sad

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