Concrete production and gravel separation

Concrete production and gravel separation

Concrete factory part of Karin Komerc MD Ltd (manufacturer's Schwing Stetter) is situated in Veternik, next to the base of sand and gravel, with equipment management, production and control of fresh concrete mixture is one of the most advanced factory for the production of concrete in Vojvodina. Working capacity is 80m³ / h fresh concrete mixture. Within this operating system we have a modern equipped laboratory for control of raw materials, fresh and hardened concrete. Work of the factory and the laboratorie is under  supervision of the Central road laboratorie. For the transportation and installation of concrete, company owns 12 concrete mixer capacity 4-12m³, as well as two concrete pump length of 26m to 39m.

Within this complex there is a facility for the separation of natural gravel capacity of 100m³/h a crusher capacity of 60 m³ / h.




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